Welcome to this site How Long Is The Journey – How Long Do We Journey On Earth? In the midst of life we are in death, Book of Common Prayer 1662 Burial of the Dead.

Life keeps ticking away. Decades and centuries pass.

Photos from digital files become wallets become albums become volumes.

Our lives twist and turn. Day after day. Week to week. Month upon month. Year on year.

We are on the journey, being a child, a youth, a student, a spouse, a parent, at the peak of our powers, frail and infirm, a talented expert, a leader, a wise adviser, a friend, a companion, an eminent person enjoying social status, ordinary human of slight distinction, an energetic thrill-seeker, a helper/supporter, someone in need, a wealthy patron, sharing and embracing, solitary and alone, vexed, troubled and at peace, uncertain …

A sudden event, a shock, a triumph, a victory, a disaster, failure and despondency, jolts us … out of the blue, adapting, assimilating, conscious, unconscious, reassessing, reasoning, deliberating … sometimes inspired, impulsive, determined and purposeful, resolute, unstoppable on a journey that will stop … we give up, let it pass